Abseil Pigeon & Gull Prevention

Birds can be a serious problem for any property. They create a poor image, cause damage to property, and can become a serious health and safety concern. In order to protect yourself, colleges and visitors to your property, it’s advisable to rid your property of any pests before the problem escalates.  

By their nature, these pest often locate themselves in those difficult to access areas. Places that without abseilers would be unsafe or impossible to access. 

Our rope access expertise means we can access and deal with the issue in a more discrete and cost effective manner than scaffolding or machine lefts.

The services we offer include:

  • Installation of bird spikes
  • Installation of pin and wire bird prevention
  • Installation of bird netting
  • Removal of existing birds, nests or eggs (Only when operating under licence, and within Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 legislation) 
  • Cleaning of fouling and biocide application
  • Pest detection alarms

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