Abseil painting and decorating

External painting and redecoration is an important part of any building maintenance program. Not just for the cosmetic appearance but for the weatherproofing properties of the paint. 

We are skilled and experienced in the full process - from cleaning and preparation of the surface, to paint selection, to the final coat and the impressive 'brand new' look we achieve. 

We can assess if you require remedial work to the surface before application and recommend the best paint for the job.

We always send technician with specific skills in painting and decorating to guarantee quality of work. 



Our painting and decorating services include:

  • Surface preparation including pre-paint repair work. 
  • Masonry painting to walls, sills and decorative stonework.
  • Painting of all rainwater goods - gutters, downpipe & hoppers. 
  • Railings and staircases.
  • Timber frame windows & sash window restoration. 
  • Specilist paint systems - elastomeric paints, solar refective paints etc. 

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